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      Harbin Shunmai School was founded in 2014, located in the North Bank of the beautiful Songhua River in Harbin, No. 2 Shunmai Road, Songbei District, Harbin. It was invested by the Taiwanese Shunmai Group and approved by the Harbin Education Bureau as a high-end private school with kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools and foreign language schools.
      Harbin Shunmai School covers an area of 210,000 square meters, with a total floor area of 110,000 square meters and a total investment of 700 million yuan. The first phase project was built in 2013 and put into operation in 2014. The construction of primary school teaching building, junior high school teaching building and art museum is 30 thousand square meters. 

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Superfine Teacher:

Wang Guangcai  Liu Jinzhi  Chen Hong

Dai Chunmin  Li Yingshun  Li Xiaoyu  Li Wu  E Xiuzhen  Yin Hanbin

Senior high school teacher:Zhang Li  Liu XiQing  

Junior middle school teachers:Zhang Hui  Yang Bo  Ding Xiuli    Wu Xiang Gui       Gao Feng Ying   Lv Xi Ping  Lin Zhi  Jian   He Shuhua 

Primary school teachers:Yang Weijie  Zhang Xihui  Wang Wei  Kindergarten teacher:Zhao Ming  Li Zhaojing  Cui Yunxiu 
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Harbin Shunmai School Primary School “Future Educator Sharon” as scheduled

Betsy Rogers, a famous contemporary American teacher, also said, "Children are like rosebuds. They have different flowering periods. Late blooming flowers are as beautiful as early blooming flowers." Every child is a unique flower, with its own blossom. Some children are like roses, they are blooming in the morning with the rain and dew, some children are like sunflowers, they are greeting the sunshine and smiling in the afternoon, and some children are like jasmine flowers, they like to emit a light fragrance under the gentle touch of the setting sun. On July 2, the "Teacher's Platform" of Harbin Shunmai Primary School opened as scheduled. The lecture was given by Gao Xiuli, a young teacher of Harbin Shunmai Primary School. Her theme was "Flowering is not only in spring". For different children have different florescence, and as a teacher, we should have what kind of mentality, Gao Xiuli teacher from three aspects to share. 1. Wait patiently and respect every flowering season. Gao Xiuli believes that teachers need to be able to afford and do things related to the growth of students like general practitioners; teachers need to calm down, start from the beginning, start from the lowest point; teachers need to have this "bud mentality" and apply this mentality to education, believing that late blooming flowers are equally beautiful. Li. Teacher Gao believes that education needs to pay attention to children's life needs and emotional needs. Starting from their psychological and emotional needs, they should be good teachers and mentors to realize students'positive, active, lively and healthy development. 2. Practice Mr. Ye Shengtao said, "Education is agriculture, not industry." Education should act in accordance with the laws of nature and the habits of crop growth, just as farmers grow crops. Loose soil, sow seeds, water and fertilize, and then wait patiently for the crops to germinate, blossom and bear fruit. Neither can it go against the weather, nor can it pull out seedlings to promote. 3. Mentality It is well known that state of mind determines state, and state of mind determines success or failure. Teachers'career can be divided into five stages: preparation period, adaptation period, successful tenure period, promotion period and innovation period. Teachers at different stages have different mentalities in the face of work. If we have a clear understanding of the characteristics of teachers'mentality at different stages, we can give full play to the advantages of different mentality, calmly analyze and deal with problems caused by bad mentality, and can always put into work in the best state. Education is a "slow" art, it is a slow and elegant process. On this endless long road, children are pedestrians and teachers are guides. As teachers, why don't we calm down, wait quietly, slow down, laugh with our children to see the scenery along the way, watch the wheat fields of education, and firmly believe that flowers are not only in spring...    



Theme Flag-raising Ceremony Youth Heart Towards the New Era of Party Building

There's a page of history, and it's red in July. There is a page of history, burning with admiration On this day, the curl stretches. On this day, the rarity is gathered. On this day, lonely no longer lonely, humble no longer humble On this day, every life blossoms in the glory of the Party. Never before has it been so meaningful. In ninety-eight, the Communist Party of China had an endless journey of time and storms. The flag-raising ceremony was held by the Secretary of the branch of Senior One and Senior Two League. They stand up bravely in the new era and shoulder the glorious mission of passing on the fireworks of the revolutionary predecessors. Sun Yijia, a flag raiser, is a league member of Class One and Four of Senior High School. She works earnestly, unites her classmates, actively participates in various activities of the school, and spontaneously sets up a dance club, which is the teacher's right assistant. Zhang Ranfei, the flag-raiser, is a League branch of Class 11 of Senior High School. She unites her classmates, is optimistic, and actively participates in various activities. She is a good helper of teachers. Dong Jihua, a flag protector, is a good assistant to teachers and a good example to his classmates. He works hard, loves learning, is strict with himself and treats others sincerely. Liu Minghe, the flag guard, is the Minister of Sports Department of the Student Union. He is diligent in his work and can be seen busy in all activities of the school. He was conscientious and responsible, and did his best to complete every task assigned by his teacher. With the solemn national anthem, the national flag slowly rises, all teachers and students take off their hats and pay attention to the ceremony. Guo Yanbin, the second and third class of senior high school, recites the poem "Youth Heart to the Party", feels the solemnity of the Party and feels the glory of the Party. Comrade Fang Ruijun, Deputy principal of Shunmai High School and an old member of the Communist Party of China, made a speech under the national flag. Standing here, I feel very excited. Secretary Wang Guangcai, the Party branch of Shunmai High School, asked me to give a speech under the national flag today. I feel very honored. Our Party has gone through the ups and downs of 98 years. To say too much, I know that my ability is limited and I can't say the best. Just now, accompanied by the magnificent and exciting music of "Ode to the Red Flag", four vigorous members of the Communist Youth League expressed the praise and love of the young generation to the Communist Party of China. The development of the People's Republic of China today is enough to prove that our Party is too great, too glorious and too correct. I remember that the afternoon before yesterday I led all the Party members to revisit the pledge of joining the Party. One of the words was, "Never betray the Party" whenever I said it, I would be thrilled. It was this oath that made me dare not slack in front of the masses from the day I joined the Party. I am a Party member, I must play the role of Party members in front of you, without deliberation, has formed a conscious action. It is because of loyalty to the Party that I dare not wait for a lesson. It is because of loyalty to the Party that I dare not relax a little bit of my requirements. It is because of loyalty to the Party that I may have done something that everyone can not understand, but I must do a good job. It is precisely because of loyalty to the Party that I have been teaching for 43 years, no matter where I am. I have never left my beloved rostrum for a single session of my career. In the period of socialist construction, I believe that never betraying the Party is to maintain consistency with the Party forever, to give full play to the exemplary leading role of the Party members, and to live forever. More than struggle. Teachers, we are not easy to work, family and work give us too much pressure, I hope you can be strict and happy to work. Dear fellow students, like us, it's not easy for you. The pressure of study and survival is too great. I hope you can make clear the purpose of study. In the melting pot of Shunmai High School, you can make progress actively and study hard, and not shoulder the heavy burden of teachers and parents. Finally, I would like to say two words that I strongly believe. These two sentences may be empty words. Although they are big, I will always keep them in my heart. The first sentence is: Without the Communist Party, there will be no new China. The second sentence is: Only socialism can save China.  


Flying Hope Sentiment Shunmai Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony of the 2019th Class

The midsummer rain is moistening and everything has grown up. Four years ago, Shunmai's sky was very clear. We wept and refused to let go of our parents'embrace. Four years later, Shunmai's campus was still quiet, but the departure was quiet. Today, we gathered for the last time in the school's lecture hall to welcome the graduation of Shunmai kindergarten's 2019 class with the theme of "Flying Hope and Loving Smoothly". Ceremony. Today is the celebration of our four-year happy growth from a young child to a pupil, and also a precious farewell moment. In addition to our dearest parents, Mr. Xu Xinyi, chairman of Shunmai Group, who has provided us with a comfortable campus environment, and the directors, as well as the school leaders who have always loved us, jointly participated in and witnessed our grand ceremony of growth. Before the graduation ceremony, we recorded our own graduation season micro film with our teachers. It records our laughter and laughter in Shunmai kindergarten, and also conveys our deep gratitude to teachers and parents. Singing "Country" at the Opening Ceremony Address by the President The graduation ceremony opened in the speech of the head of the kindergarten, Grandma, who congratulated us on our graduation and shared with us the memories of four years of kindergarten life. At the same time, she sent a sincere graduation message: "Children, no matter where you go, Shunmai kindergarten will always be your warm home, I hope you You often go home to see, kindergarten teachers will always pay attention to every point of your progress. A ticket to the beautiful future is full of the kindergarten director's grandmother's deepest expectations for us. Thank you for your message. We will never forget you and kindergarten. We will fly to the higher sky with your blessing and hope. Memories, Our Four Years Chapter 1 Teachers and children recite "Love is Smooth" The wheels of time keep moving forward, and the four seasons cycle back and forth. In the twinkling of an eye, we grow up, no longer easily noisy, learn to help each other, Shunmai flowers, Shunmai grass, Shunmai sunshine have witnessed our growth, here is our common home, we have the most beautiful childhood time. English Picture Book Performance How much I love you Guess how much I love you, Mom and Dad I think it's probably more than opening your arms. I think it's probably higher than I jump so high. I think it's probably farther than from here to the moon. You say, love is immeasurable But I still want to tell you. I love you Three and a half sentences "We graduated" Speech by the representative of graduate parents Sun Yichen, father of Class Four, came to the stage as a representative of the parents of graduates. He expressed his sincerest thanks to all the teachers and staff of Shunmai kindergarten. Four years of kindergarten life, children enjoy high quality education resources, experience the humanistic environment here and children-oriented education concept. Under the careful care and diligent instruction of the principal and teachers, the children have developed good habits, improved their self-confidence, learned to cooperate and share, and improved their thinking abilities. We are proud that our children can live and study in such an excellent kindergarten. Blooming, Our Sky   Chapter 2 Dance "Little Pigtail Triple Dump" Instrumental ensemble childhood Childhood is like a poem There is a record of my innocence and liveliness in the poem. Childhood is like a picture There is my colorful life in the picture. Kung Fu Fan "Chinese Boy" Statements by graduate representatives Dawu Class Gaoyuxin Three years ago, when we came out of the arms of our parents to the kindergarten, many children were crying and shouting. They were teachers who warmed, cared for and cared for us with selfless love. Today, we are no longer that little toddler, but become highly skilled prospective students. Dear teachers, dear parents, grandparents, thank you for all you have done for us! I wish you health, beauty and happiness forever! I also wish Shunmai Kindergarten a better tomorrow! Please believe that in the future, we will continue to walk more and more steadily and better! Flying, Our Dream   Chapter 3 The sitcom "I Love You, Teacher" Do you remember, children? The scene of the first meeting with the teacher that autumn Do you remember these four years? The way you fall, cry, frolic, proud ... Teacher That ignorant little fellow in those days Thrive under your care Harvest ability, harvest friendship, harvest happiness Too much, too much. Environmental Fashion Show Our Shunmai kindergarten has been carrying out all kinds of environmental protection education activities. Do you remember the series of activities in March "Waste Classification I Go First" and June "World Environment Day"? During the activities, we not only learned how to classify the garbage correctly, but also advocated people around us by practical actions such as collecting campus garbage. Protect the environment and protect the earth. Today, the children have made bold concepts to turn waste into treasure and held a wonderful fashion show. Graduation Message Yu Xiaoyu and Li Zhijie of the bilingual department, as representatives of middle-class children, made their comments. They brought sincere graduation wishes to the graduates. They were proud and proud of the growth of their brothers and sisters in kindergartens. They said that they would continue to convey their love and wishes. Graduation Poem "I Grow Up" Cocoon breaking into butterfly, beautiful blooming Surprised, there are so many people to thank. Originally, the love that needs to be remembered is so strong. Graduates present finger prints Today we are going to graduate. Thank Shunmai Kindergarten for its endless care and love. Although we are leaving soon, we should leave a few footprints here, so that we can continue the relationship between teachers and students. This painting composed of fingerprints of all graduates is sent to kindergartens. Please accept our wishes from Dear President Wang Yuan. Handover card The handover card is not only a ritual of growth, but also a heritage of responsibility. Today, in the witness of parents, leaders and teachers, we will solemnly hand the class card representing the class honor and responsibility to our younger brothers and sisters, hoping that they will grow up healthily with our hope and trust. Certificate of graduation When I take the first diploma from the leaders, it represents that we are about to break cocoons into butterflies and blossom beautifully. It represents that we are going to fade out of childishness and go to primary school with confidence and courage. Dear parents, beloved teachers, we graduated! Kindergarten is a fertile land. Seeing the seedlings growing vigorously today, they are leaving this land. Not only do children want to say thanks to teachers, but also parents and friends express their thanks to kindergartens and teachers in sincere words. Graduation ceremony is a farewell to the past in the name of growth, which is the last "ceremony" that Shunmai kindergarten can bring to you. Children, in fact, from the day you came to Shunmai, teachers know that you will eventually leave kindergarten in the way of growing up, which is a kind of "sad joy" for us. Life will be marked by many special moments, each mark will immediately become the past, but followed by a bright future, at this moment, all the feelings spoken and hidden in the heart are combined into one sentence: Go ahead bravely! Shunmai baby! The future is yours!                 

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